Advisory Board

prof. Rich Sutton

Distinguished research scientist at DeepMind and a professor of computing science at the University of Alberta. Considered one of the founders of modern reinforcement learning.

prof. Michael Bowling

Site Lead & Research Team Lead at the Edmonton DeepMind office and professor at the University of Alberta. Under his lead, the Computer Poker Research Group of the University of Alberta published two ground-breaking papers in the Science journal.

prof. Csaba Szepesvari

Lead of the reinforcement learning theory team at DeepMind.  Professor at the University of Alberta. Principal Investigator at Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute. World expert on bandit and reinforcement learning algorithms.

prof. Michal Pechoucek

Chief Technology Officer at Avast technologies, the world's largest antivirus company, and professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Murray Campbell

Distinguished Research Scientist at IBM Research. Co-author of  Deep Blue the first computer to defeat a world chess champion (Garry Kasparov)